Out in the streets.

in the street

It’s not really advisable to wander around the city at night. But I still do so whenever it’s necessary. Out in the streets at night, one has to be on alert. You can never be too complacent, too trusting. You always has to be on your toes for the crooks and the bad vibes around.

But, as I said, whenever necessary, I still go out at night and when I know it is safe, I bask in the feeling of being outside! That’s what I would do whenever I was in Baguio City. The old Baguio City, that is. Nowadays, I was told by locals that Baguio City at night is the same as in Metro Manila. Tsk. Sadly, the crooks managed to penetrate my adopted hometown. Sigh.

Maybe, one of these days, I will be able to roam the streets at night in other cities outside the country. Hopefully…