Graduation thoughts

I always knew I would finish schooling. I would graduate. I never doubted my ability to carry on with my bachelor’s degree, even on those days when I was totally distracted by home woes.

What about you?

Here in the Philippines, in Quezon City, March signals the start of the graduation season. Students from all over the city are anxious to finish the school year so that they could go on vacation. For the geeks, they are anxious to know how they fared the whole year.

But for college students, I know that the main thought running through their minds is if they can find a job right away. I should know, halfway through my last semester in college, I was already checking out companies who might accept me right away.

With the ongoing recession, there is a scarcity of job demands. I hope that the newly graduates will not lose hope and stay strong despite the setback they might be facing right out of college.