A frantic call from an old friend.

One night, I got a frantic call from an old college friend asking me to help her call her boyfriend. She said that the latter got stabbed and that he’s dying or something. I was naturally shocked to hear it. And since it was raining so hard that night, I didn’t know how to help her. Plus, it was a really weird call for me because I haven’t spoken to her for months during that time and then all of a sudden that call?

I knew she was that desperate for some help because she wouldn’t have called me up if she had other means to help her boyfriend. It was too bad I also had no means to help her out that night.

I think she took it hard. When I saw her in Friendster a few years ago, I had a cold reception. Sure, she added me up as her friend. But the message I sent her was left unanswered. I told her I missed her and it was true. We were so close back in college we had no secrets from each other then. I missed our girl talks and our kakikayan! I guessed she didn’t feel the same way.

Only time can really tell if a friend will stay or leave. Unfortunately for me, some really good ones left.