This holiday season.


I always feel anxious when the holiday season approaches. The expenses associated with it and the stress of coming up with resources to use…

I know some people would say not to stress myself out with the expenses, to just spend what I have and don’t go overboard. I know that. In fact, I don’t really go overboard with my holiday expenses. But there are godchildren to think about, a new nephew to indulge, my siblings, my dad, some very close relatives… A lot has to be put into consideration.

I just wish this Christmas will be a very merry one for us, if only for my new nephew.

Living and dying.

You know what? What the following says is very true for most of us…


We always find ourselves dying to do, be, reach something making us forget to live in the moment. Time flies so fast, people! Before we know it, we’re already old, gray, and weak. And very much incapable of doing anything anymore.

Live in the moment. That’s what we have and are certain of, anyway. Forget the past and don’t think of the future too much. We cannot change the past anymore. What we should do is carry the lessons we learned from it. We cannot do anything with the future because we are not certain to wake up tomorrow morning. We can only hope and pray and leave it to Him to take care of it for us. What we should do is live in the moment, cherish it, enjoy it! And make the most out of it!

In other words, seize the day!

Your choice.

The rest of your life can be average or memorable. It’s your choice.

I don’t know if I have been living a memorable life. I do believe it’s mediocre at best. I am always hindered by the worry that a memorable life is an expensive life and I can’t afford that. I know there are other ways to make my life full of good memories and I don’t need money to do it…

I always have this idea at the back of my mind that I need to start living my life and not just staring at it passing me by. I need to. I need to. I just don’t know how and where to begin.

Who is to blame?!

bad influenceWhen we do something bad, our parents blame our friends. Have you experienced this? In high school, my mom would always tell me to avoid this person and that person. Bad influence, she’d say. Being stubborn, I would continue in my merry way and ignore my mom.

And then when I did something wrong in school, or even at home, my mom would tell me that my friends were bad influences and that I was emulating them more and more.


Why does parents blame friends when we, ourselves, might have been the one to blame?