MMDA, U-turn slots and those pink footbridges

I can’t understand MMDA’s use of U-turn slots. Personally, I think that MMDA’s idea of using U-turn slots instead of stoplights is bad. Really bad! I mean consider the volume of cars using the slot at the same time. It causes traffic jams. In Quezon Avenue alone, try traversing it by 12noon or during peak hours and you will find horrible traffic caused by one U-turn slot after another. The one at Delta going to West Ave. is jammed during these hours.

Not all drivers are good with U-turns. Some find it hard, as evidenced by the horrible traffic jams at the U-turn slots. I remember a cab driver telling me that he’s been seeing inexperienced drivers causing jams at these slots all the time. And there is not even a single MMDA traffic personnel in sight to help remedy the situation.

Another thing, those MMDA footbridges… not everyone is fit enough to climb the stairs. MMDA didn’t even consider the senior citizens using those pink footbridges. I’ve seen several old people using the footbridge gasping for breath. Nakakahingal kasi. Especially the one connecting the old Paramount Theatre at the corner of West Ave. to SM City North Edsa. That particular footbridge is a steep climb! At least a traffic enforcer should always be on hand to help old people or the handicapped cross the street.

I don’t know with you but personally, I really think stoplights should be returned. ASAP!

A better Quezon City.

Quezon City was a big ball of smoke back on the eve of the New Year. Almost every other corner of the city was filled with firecrackers. In our street alone, two businesses had a “showdown” of who had the most Judas belt in their arsenal. I think it’s about an hour of deafening blast after blast from them.

new year

I am really praying that QC will be a better city. I do hope the mayor will really focus on the betterment of the city. I do think Libis can be QC’s Ayala Avenue. Cubao can be a better business district, too, if given the right focus by the people concerned.

Happy New Year to all! Let’s all pray for a better Quezon City this 2014!

When you’re gone.

I got so teary-eyed when I saw the music video of When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne. When I was in my high school and college years, I was an MTV junkie. But when I started working, my love for music never waned but my love for music video did. So I never did get to see most of the music videos of my favorite songs including this song by Avril until the onslaught of Youtube videos.

Back to the song’s music video, the scene where the old man is shown pining for his wife really touched my heart. It’s so hard to be away from the love of your life, especially if you know it’s already permanent.

A frantic call from an old friend.

One night, I got a frantic call from an old college friend asking me to help her call her boyfriend. She said that the latter got stabbed and that he’s dying or something. I was naturally shocked to hear it. And since it was raining so hard that night, I didn’t know how to help her. Plus, it was a really weird call for me because I haven’t spoken to her for months during that time and then all of a sudden that call?

I knew she was that desperate for some help because she wouldn’t have called me up if she had other means to help her boyfriend. It was too bad I also had no means to help her out that night.

I think she took it hard. When I saw her in Friendster a few years ago, I had a cold reception. Sure, she added me up as her friend. But the message I sent her was left unanswered. I told her I missed her and it was true. We were so close back in college we had no secrets from each other then. I missed our girl talks and our kakikayan! I guessed she didn’t feel the same way.

Only time can really tell if a friend will stay or leave. Unfortunately for me, some really good ones left.

Parks in QC.

There are a couple of parks here in Quezon City that are conducive to exercising on early mornings. But it’s not being maintained properly. There are muggers even in broad daylight. There are vagrants and other dubious characters loitering. And there are so much garbage around the place that you’ll start wondering if you really are in a park.

I do hope the leaders of Quezon City will do something about this. Calling on Mayor Herbert Bautista!

Traffic jam.

traffic jam

It is unavoidable, I would like to believe so. With almost every city individual buying a car, there will be traffic jams in every street of the metro. Add to that the inefficient traffic officers who are out in the streets before lunch, snack time, and dinner, and would vanish in between especially during rush hours… traffic jam, for sure!

I am hopeful that we can eventually find a solution to this problem but, for now, the only solution I can see is bringing with you a whole lot of patience when going out.